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امتحانات تدريبية لطلاب الصف الاول الثانوى مع الاجابة النموذجية
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امتحانات تدريبية لطلاب الصف الاول الثانوى مع الاجابة النموذجية
امتحانات تدريبية لطلاب الصف الاول الثانوى مع الاجابة النموذجية
امتحانات تدريبية لطلاب الصف الاول الثانوى مع الاجابة النموذجية

Secondary 1 - Second Term - Practice Test 1

_________________________________________ Date ___________

Language Functions (8 marks)

1. Finish the following
dialogue. (4 marks)
Sara and Mona are talking after
school about their likes and dislikes. (4 marks)
We have to finish our history project. When do we have to hand it
Mona: Next Thursday.
Sara: Yes, I
really like working on projects like this.
I like chemistry, but I don't like physics or maths. What about
I'm glad we have similar likes and dislikes.
No, not at all. I would be pleased to come home with you.

2. Write what you would say in each
of the following situations. (4 marks)

1. Your teacher asks
you for your homework, but you forgot to bring it with you to school.

2. Your friend suggests going to the club, but you are too busy.

3. Your friend got very high marks in the final exam.


You want to suggest to your friend to go to the cinema.


B. Vocabulary and Structure (12 marks)

3. Choose the
correct answer from a, b, c, or d. (5 marks)

1. I saw a man
coming. _____ man took a book off the shelf.
a. A
b. The c. An
d. No article

2. You _____ open the windows when
there is a sand storm.
a. don’t have to b. mustn’t
c. don’t must d. haven’t to

3. The thief
_____ after he robbed the bank. We can’t find him now.
a. must
run b. mustn’t have run c. must have run d.
must have ran

4. Ali is reading a book _____ I lent him.

a. which b. where c. who
d. when

5. You haven’t finished studying, _____
a. haven’t b. have
c. did d. didn’t

6. The _____
of the Titanic is a famous story.
a. shipwreck b.
backbone c. wildlife d. scene

You’ll never get a good job if you don’t have any _____.
courses b. scales c. qualifications
d. glaciers

8. Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist _____ in 1838.
a. realised b. improved c. applied
d. came out

9. It took Mr Hassan years to _____
the shock of his wife’s death.
a. adapt b. avoid
c. fear d. get

10. Patients with phobias can use a computer program to put
them into _____ situations with the thing they fear in order to
overcome it.
a. extreme b. irrational
c. virtual d. panic

Correct the underlined mistakes in the following paragraph. (4

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