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امتحانات الكتاب الخارجى Senior/ Bit by Bite لتدريب الطلاب على الامتحان النهائى
الإثنين يناير 30, 2012 10:44 am #1
امتحانات الكتاب الخارجى Senior/ Bit by
Bite لتدريب الطلاب على الامتحان النهائى

هذا جزء منها

في أربع صفحات

A- Language Functions (8 Marks)
1) Finish the
following dialogue: (4 Marks)
Haidi is being interviewed for a
teaching job.
Interviewer : Hello, Haidi . So, ………(1)……………?
: I've been teaching for six years.
Interviewer :
Haidi : At Tanta Language School.
: ………(3)……………?
Haidi : Because the school I'm in now is
very far from home.
Interviewer : ………(4)……………
Haidi :
I'm leaving TLS next month, so I could start then.

2 ) Write what
YOU would say in each of the following situations:(4 Marks)
Someone asks you what your favourite hobby is.
2- Someone asks you
how good you are at maths.
3- Someone invites you to their party, but
you are busy and can't go.
4- You meet a foreigner who asks you to
tell him the way to citadel.

B- Vocabulary and Structure (12
3) Choose the correct answer from a.b.c or d:(5 Marks)
My sister Mona is three years older …………. me.
a- that
b- as c- than d- for
2- Hesham and Salah are very good ………
now and do a lot of things together.
a- interviewers b- friends
c- families. d- brothers
3- Sometimes I wanted to be with
Mona, but Mona didn't……… to be with me.
a- want b- wanted c-
wants d- wanting
4- When we argue too much, our parents………
angry with us.
a- were b- are c- was d- be
Fish are covered in ...............
a- fins b- scales
c- feathers d- hair
6- Mona is now .............. at the
university where she is training to be a doctor.
a- study b-
studied c- studies d- studying
7 - Many animals have ………..
to life in extreme environments.
a- ended b- started c-
adapted d- gone
8- The rainforests of Borneo……… It is very hot,
are the home of the orangutan. .
a- where b- when c- who
d- which
9- A lot of new buildings ………… built at six October
city now.
a- are being b- will be c- are d- were
The phone was ringing, but I didn't hear it. I ……….asleep.
a- can't
have been b- might be c- must be d- must have been

Rewrite using the word(s) in brackets, to give the same meaning: (4
1- I can't find your CD so I can't give it back to you.
2- My uncle works in Brazil. He started working there three
years ago. (for)
3- Samia finished her
homework and then watched television.
4- It's important
to see a doctor if you feel ill. (should)

5.Read the
text below, then write the word which best fits each space: (3 Marks)
live in the rainforests of Borneo. Although their ……(1)...... means
wild man of the forest', they are quiet, rather lazy ……(2)...... They
spend most of their ……(3)...... high up in trees. They sleep all night
in nests which they make from the……(4)...... of trees in the morning
they feed on fruits and insects, but then they rest before……(5)......
again in the evening. Strangely, they do not like……(6)...... so when it
rains they protect themselves by holding leaves over their heads.

Reading Comprehension and Set books (11 Marks)
6.Read the following
passage, then answer the Questions:(7Marks)
In 1606, a Spanish
sailor, Luis Vaez de Torres, discovered Australia and told people in
Europe about this new country. At that time, no European knew about
Australia. During the 17th century٫ more sailors visited the new
country, but no one stayed long. An Englishman, James Cook, went there
in 1770 and spent some time in Botany Bay. He and his men met the
Australian people and learnt their Language. A small number of English
people went to live in Australia and most of them became farmers. In
1820, the European population was only 34,000, but it grew very quickly.
In 1850, there were 405,000 Europeans in Australia. Most people lived
on farms and sold wool and meat from their sheep. In 1851, a farmer
found gold, and many people travelled from England to look for gold.
Between 1850 and 1860٫ more than­ 500,000 people moved to Australia and
by 1860, the population was more than a million. Why did they move from
England? Australia had warmer weather, and it was easier to start a farm
and to have a good life there.
A) Answer the following Questions:­
When did the people of Europe first know about Australia?
2- Who in
Europe knew about Australia at that time?
3- How did James Cook and
his men communicate with the Australians?
4- Why did so many people
go to Australia between 1850 and 1860?
B) Choose the correct answer:­
Where was Luis Vaez de Torres from?
a) Australia b) Spain
c) England d) Sydney
6- What dose the underlined pronoun
“it” refer to ?
a) a sheep b) Australia
c) the
population of Europeans in Australia
d) the population of Europe
- Why did so many Europeans want to leave their own countries to
in Australia?
a) Everyone in Australia was rich.
b) They didn't
want to be farmers any more.
c) The wanted to work in Australian
d) They wanted a more comfortable life.

7) Answer
only four (4) of the following Questions: (4 Marks)
1- What did
Robinson Crusoe eat while he was stranded on the desert island?
What do flight attendants do?
3- Describe a wild animal you like.
Why do you think Crusoe named his friend Friday?
5- Do you think
orangutans are dangerous animals? Why or why not?
6- How do you think
humans have adapted to the increasingly hot climate?
D- The Novel (7

E- Writing (8 Marks)
9- Write a paragraph of seven
sentences about:

"Someone that you like"

F- Translation (4
10. A-Translate into Arabic: (2 Marks)
1- You mustn't eat
food that smells bad.
2- My father doesn't like working on Fridays.

into English: (2 Marks)
- لا تدع الفشل يؤثر عل طموحك

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